Board of Directors and the Board of Faculties

Board of Directors of the Academy

Board of Directors of the Academy

President of the Academy

Prof. Dr. Talal Akram Al-Nadawy

Vice president of the Academy for Scientific Affairs

Prof. Dr. Taha Hadidi

General Registrar

Dr. Zaid Talal Al-Nadawy

Academy Faculties Council

Academy Faculties Council

It is a permanent administrative and scientific institution, which includes:

  • Head of the Academy
  • Chairman of the scientific body
  • Deans or deputies of colleges
  • The rapporteur of the meeting

Council missions

Council missions
  1. To draw the general policy of the Academy.
  2. Approving the creation of a college or department or lowering the college level to a department, as necessary.
  3. Prepare a report at the end of each year.