Academy President’s Speech

Academy President’s Speech

In the name of Allah

        Aalborg Academy of Science is one of the most prestigious scientific institutions in European Union, it is founded in 2003 in the Kingdom of Denmark to be a distinctive scientific institution that contributes effectively to the achievement of a high-quality scientific vision and sobriety and to the creation of a bright future for Arab and foreign students in general.

Based on the motives of responsibility towards our new generations and the rights before us, we must open up the horizons of knowledge and provide them with new and useful knowledge to fulfill their ambitions. We must help them create prospects for a brighter future in order to make them generations that will be the basis of the identity of the Arab nation and help them realize all their hopes. It is unacceptable that our generations should remain separate from the new tools and methods of education based on modern technology, which now have its own global standards and tools.

Stemming from the academy’s keenness on excellence and leadership, the Academy has endeavoured to provide a qualified foreign and Arab educational cadre at all levels of science, capable of teaching, development and scientific research, which the academy seeks to settle, and to provide all the material and moral resources that help the faculty member to publish outstanding scientific research, as well as applied research through the adoption of diversified projects through its cooperation with prestigious international universities.

In order for the educational and research process to function effectively, the academy has been keen to provide a dedicated management team with all the potential to improve performance, especially in the field of e-governance.

Stemming from a transparent, valuable and ethical system, and believing that the educational process and building of the generations is a lofty message for the academy in order to provide the appropriate environment for the educational process in a sincere and faithful way so that our students can achieve the highest levels of scientific qualification enhanced by the spirit of belonging and honesty, and to be able to carry out their duties in the centres where they work both at homeland and abroad.

In conclusion, I call upon my colleagues to be at the level of responsibility, to work in the spirit of a one team, and to invite our fellow students to take advantage of all the possibilities available to serve them to be able to carry the message, achieve the vision of the academy, and serve themselves, their homelands and their nation.

 … God grants success …

Prof. Dr. Talal Akram Al-Nadawy

President of the Academy