Scientific Authority

Scientific Authority

Learn about the head, members and the offices of the scientific authority of Aalborg Academy of Science

Chairman of the scientific body

Scientific Authority

It is a scientific institution that operates to supervise specialized offices involved in educational, teaching, research and other activities in coordination with the deans of the faculties and is chaired by the Vice-President of the Academy for Scientific Affairs.

Office of Graduate Studies and Scientific supervision

Headed by Prof. Dr. Amira Al-Rawi and its tasks include:

  • Archiving the files of graduate students in coordination with the scientific assistant of the colleges.
  • Holding scientific committee sessions and approving the title and plan of the thesis.
  • Receiving reports from supervisors and informing the relevant faculty about the student’s educational and research career.
  • Transmittal of the thesis to the linguistic and scientific evaluator and the formation of the discussion committee by specialized professors and in coordination with the deanship of the faculty.

Office of Graduate Student Affairs

Headed by Prof. Dr. Amira Al-Rawi

Experts Office

Responsible for evaluating scientific papers

Headed by Prof. Dr. Kaiss Bahnam Shawi

Headed by Prof. Dr. Kaiss Bahnam Shawi and its tasks include:

  • Evaluation of Master’s and Ph.D. dissertations before being referred to the discussion committee.
  • Evaluation of the student’s scientific research and the verification of the percentage of astrology.
  • Providing advice to accept research seminars and conferences.
  • Monitoring the application of courses for students of all levels of study.

Quality Office

Responsible for the quality of education

Headed by Director of Quality Office and its tasks include:

  • Providing data and information for quality education activities for primary and postgraduate studies.
  • Follow up the academic calendar of all faculties.
  • Preparing periodic reports on the level of performance of colleges and departments.

Office of Scientific Planning and Development

Responsible for developing development plans

Headed by Dr. Ahlam Al Rawi

Headed by Dr. Ahlam Al Rawi and its tasks include:

  • Developing an electronic database to develop proposals for student projects or research projects for faculty members.
  • Issuing a scientific encyclopedia issued by the Research Center of the Academy to publish quality researches of the doctoral dissertations and researches of the resident conferences and put them in the electronic library of the Academy to serve graduate students and researchers.
  • Expanding twinning agreements with prestigious Arab and international universities to provide advanced sciences for students.

Promotion Committee

In charge of promotions

A competent central committee

The committee has issued special instructions for applicants for a teacher’s rank, associate professor, and professor. The committee is supervised by specialized professors and expertise in pure humanitarian and scientific studies. And auditing of published researches in accredited journals.

Scientific Council

Follow up on the implementation of decisions

Committee of department heads

It includes the heads of the scientific departments of the faculties ‘ and supervises the follow-up of decisions on scientific, educational and research activities and the issuance of instructions in coordination with the deans of faculties.