Academy Professors

Learn about the administrative board, deans of faculties, advisory board, and professors at Aalborg Academy of Science

Presidency of the Academy

Presidency of the Academy

Prof. Dr. Talal Akram Al-Nadawy



Prof. Dr. Hussein Salem

Vice president for Administrative Affairs
dr taha alhadidi

Prof. Dr. Taha Al-Hadidi

Vice president for Scientific Affairs

Deans of Faculties

Deans of Faculties
dr abdul ghani

Prof. Dr. Abdulghani Al-Samarrai

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine
dr zuhair

Prof. Dr. Zuhair Issa

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and computer
dr suhail

Prof. Dr. Suhail Al-Fatlawi

Dean of the Faculty of Law
dr mazen

Prof. Dr. Mazen Al Ramadani

Dean of the Faculty of Political Sciences
dr jalal

Prof. Dr. Jalal Elia Elias

Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture

Prof. Dr. Kaiss Bahnam Shawi

Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts
dr faruq

Prof. Dr. Farouq Tawfiq Ibrahim

Dean of the faculty of administration and economics
dr aaoni

Prof. Dr. Awni Al-Sabawi

Dean of the faculty of literature

Prof. Dr. Chia Zangana

Dean of the Faculty of justice
dr wadeeaa

Prof. Dr. Wadih Yassin

Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education

Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee

Dr. Anaam Abdel Latif

Member of the Advisory Committee
dr nawal

Dr. Nawal Abdel Karim

Member of the Advisory Committee
dr shafeeq

Prof. Dr. Shafiq Al-Sammarraie

Academy Advisor
dr ibraheem

Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Al-Baydhaani

Member of the Advisory Committee
mr freddy

Mr. Freddy

Legal Advisor


dr zaid

Dr. Zaid Al-Nadawy

Registration Manager
Dr Kaiss

Prof. Dr. Kaiss Bahnam

Head of the expert office

Professors and supervisors

Professors and supervisors

Dr. Eyad Damara

Head of Agricultural Genetic Engineering Department
Dr Turkey

Prof. Dr. Turki Mahmoud Mustafa

Head of Private Law Department

Prof. Dr. Abdul Karim Al Wazzan

Head of Media Department
dr jndari

Prof. Dr. Hamad Al-Jandari

Deputy Dean, Faculty of Medicine
dr rejaa

Prof. Dr. Raja Jassim

Professor and supervisor/Administration and economics
dr jamal

Prof. Dr. Jamal Al-Azzawi

Professor and Supervisor/Islamic Studies
dr mared

Dr. Marid Jamil

Professor and supervisor/Business Administration
dr fatehi

Professor Dr. Fathi Ahmed

Professor and Supervisor / Literature
dr dhyaa

Prof. Dr. Diaa Najem

Professor and scientific supervisor
dr azeez

Prof. Dr. Aziz Ibrahim

Professor and Supervisor/engineering
dr marwan

Prof. Dr. Marwan Abd Al-Majeed

Professor and supervisor/Sports education
dr ali fawzi

Prof. Dr. Ali Fawzi

Professor and Supervisor/law