Academy plans and objectives

Learn about the strategic plans and objectives of Aalborg Academy of Science

The board of the Academy holds numerous meetings annually to develop plans and objectives in order to advance education and to keep abreast of developments in all fields. The Academy is keen to give its students high-quality educational programs, as it grants graduated students sober and equitable degrees.

Strategic Plans

Strategic Plans
  • Global education and learning based on the European idea of education.
  • Development of human cadres.
  • Scientific research based on the national priorities of the student.
  • Development of the Environment for innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainable development.
  • Diversity of emerging and innovative sources of information.
  • Create a renewable environment that meets the requirements and absorbs future prospects.

Strategic objectives

Strategic objectives
  • The preparation of qualified scientific knowledge cadres specializing in their professional applications to enable them to take leadership positions in the process of community development.
  • Work to make scientific knowledge a tool for development ‘ through the establishment of scientific and applied research centers ‘ to provide scientific advice and contribute to the growth and development of civilized societies.
  • Promote the development of scientific knowledge by stimulating scientific and cognitive research by participating in conferences, seminars, field research and scientific publications.
  • To work for the effective use of electronic means of communication through the provision of distance learning programs (online) for students to develop their modern scientific and technical capabilities.
  • Awarding of scientific and honorary degrees and certificates to personalities who contribute to the support of science and knowledge or provide material and humanitarian services for scientific development.
  • Equivalence of undergraduate and postgraduate student certificates and completion of their studies from universities and institutes lacking scientific recognition.