Study System

Learn about the ways and methods of study at the academy

The academy, like most American and European universities, adopts the traditional education system where the students shall attend the university and perform their scientific and academic duties on a regular basis, the Academy also adopts the method of open education according to the curricula and regulations of the universities that use open education such as the University of Cairo’s Open education. The Academy has faculties in various disciplines and humanities. The Academy offers bachelor’s, masters, and doctorate degrees. The academy receives students from all over the world as long as they meet the required conditions. The academic system is traditional and open. The Academy students are subjected to written and oral examinations, research projects, and seminars.

Types of study

Types of study

At the academy, there are two types of study that allow students full flexibility in learning as appropriate and proportionate to their time and country of residence so that students can learn at any time appropriate to them and anywhere around the world

The first type: Distance learning (online) where the student in this type of study can learn anytime and anywhere around the world by accessing our educational system on the Internet and performing all the homework and duties (online)

The second type: The Traditional education where the student in this type of study can perform assignments regularly on the campus of the Danish Kingdom’s Academy or in one of the Academy’s branches around the world.


Distance learning

Study through our online electronic system

Traditional study

Studying at the academy campus or in one of the academy branches

Different types of study

Different types of study


On Campus


Achieve your university dream in 4 steps

Achieve your university dream in 4 steps
Register at the Academy

Register for the course you want to study and pay your registration and tuition Fees

Start the study

Start studying and learning through the Internet through our electronic system or through regular attendance at the Academy campus or in one of the branches of the academy around the world

Performance of assignments and duties

Perform the homework and duties required to successfully pass the program and obtain an academic degree

Get your certificate

Get a university degree accredited and certified by the official bodies that can be turned into equivalent around the world.